4.3 Conducting a search from the collection window

The Search All Guides text field in the navigation frame (see Figure 4–3) of the collection window allows you to search all the guides in the HTML collection.

Figure 4–3 The navigation frame of the collection window.

The collection window search function works the same way as the book window search function; that is, you type a particular term or phrase into the text field, and press [Enter] or click Search All Guides. An hourglass icon displays while the search is in progress. When the collection search is complete, the number of hits that match your search criteria in each book appears to the left of the book titles (see Figure 4–4).

Figure 4–4 Search hits displayed in the collection window.

If the search is unsuccessful, a message indicates that no hits were found.

To view the search results in a book, click a book title in the collection window. The book opens with the search term or phrase in the Search text field and the number of hits in the book displayed in the table of contents frame (see Figure 4–5). Click Next Match or Previous Match in the navigation frame to move through the document from one hit to the next. As you step through each hit, the highlighting color of the hit that you are viewing is different from that of the remaining hits. When you move from one section to another, the highlighting in the table of contents frame moves to the new section.

For information about using Advanced Search to focus your search, see Using the Advanced Search options, Section 4.5. For information about using strategies to decide which search results are most likely to help you, see Search strategies, Section 4.6.

Figure 4–5 Search hits displayed in the book window.